More Amusements

There are more vintage amusement rides to enjoy at Crossroads Village than just our beautiful carousel!

1910 C.W. Parker Superior Wheel

1910 C.W. Parker Superior Wheel

As far as is known, this is the only remaining C.W. Parker Superior Wheel in working order. The latest research indicates this wheel was built around the same time as the carousel in Leavenworth, Kansas. It was purchased in 1991 and erected at Crossroads Village. Ten gondolas carry riders above the trees for a great view.

Venetian Swings

Allan Herschell Venetian Swings

Swings based on this technique have been reported since at least the early 1600s. They became popular in Europe during the Renaissance. Somewhere along the way the rides became shaped like boats, perhaps based on the gondolas of Venice. Similar rides are still in use in Europe and at smaller fairs and midways in England.

Crossroads Village’s ride may have been manufactured by the Allan Herschell Company of North Tonawanda, New York, sometime before 1930. It is currently believed to be the last of its kind in existence.

The swings debuted at Crossroads Village in 1992. The following winter, the ride was completely restored from funding provided by the Friends of Crossroads Village Carousel.

Mangels Pony Carts

Mangels Pony Carts

Manufactured by W.F. Mangels Co. in Coney Island, New York, and operated for many years at the Cincinnati Zoo. Take hold of the reins as your horse trots up and down, pulling the cart around the platform. The horses are cast aluminum, the carts are cast aluminum and wood.

Mott Lake Flyer Miniature Train

Mott Lake Flyer Miniature Train

All aboard the Mott Lake Flyer! This miniature train runs on an oval track, perfect for young train engineers. It was manufactured by the Miniature Train Company in the early 1940s and consists of an engine and three cars. It was located in Queens, New York, for many years before finding a home at Crossroads Village.

Huckleberry Railroad

Despite the name, the Huckleberry Railroad is not a toy ride. An historic Baldwin steam locomotive pulls authentic wooden passenger cars over a standard track.

The train travels over a portion of the original Pere Marquette roadbed. The ride along the shores of Mott Lake offers a lovely view and the possibility of seeing deer or other wildlife. During special event weekends, for example Christmas at Crossroads and Halloween Ghost Train, there are a variety of decorations along the tracks.

The train’s name refers to the original Pere Marquette line which often traveled so slowly passengers could hop off the train to pick huckleberries (wild blueberries) and then reboard the train before the caboose reached them. Today’s ride is quite a bit faster and is one of the highlights of a visit to Crossroads Village.

The Genesee Belle

This beautiful paddlewheel riverboat is a replica of the boats that were popular on Midwestern waterways during the 1800s. She was built in 1994-1995 and entered service in Spring 1995. Scenic views and cool breezes of Mott Lake greet passengers during a 45 minute cruise that starts and ends at The Village dock. Along the way, see Bluebell Beach, wooded shorelines, and abundant birds and other wildlife. The lower level is enclosed and climate-controlled for your comfort.

Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad, Flint MI