Carousel Photos

The Carousel

1912 C.W. Parker Carousel
Photo Credit: Gary Nance

The 1912 C.W. Parker Carousel.

Patriot – Lead Horse

Patriot, the lead horse
Photo Credit: Gary Nance

Lead horses are traditionally armored horses. Patriot was adopted in the name of Dan Gosnell, the carousel restoration artist, by the Friends of Crossroads Village Carousel.

Cantle Carving: Lion
Patriot’s Cantle Carving: Lion. Photo Credit: Gary Nance

Outside Row Horses, Kiddie Horses, Dragon Chariot

Photo Credit: Gary Nance, Clifford Black

Rounding Boards

Rounding Boards
Photo Credit: Gary Nance

There are 14 decorative rounding boards encircling the top of the carousel. Each rounding board consists of a scenic painting surrounded by decorative mouldings, red roses with green foliage, painted elements, framed mirrors, and colorful lights.

The rounding boards depict scenes including:

  • Indian on horseback at sunset
  • Horses pulling covered wagon
  • Winter snow scene
  • Paddle steamer on the water
  • C.W. Parker company name and location

Artizan Band Organ

Artizan Military Band Organ
Photo Credit: Clifford Black

This rare Artizan Factories Inc. Style A military band organ was manufactured in North Tonawonda, New York, circa 1925 and has 46 keys. The band organ has been converted to utilize Wurlitzer 125 organ rolls. Purchased in 1983 for $13,250 with fund provided by a grant from the C.S. Mott Foundation.

Carousel Building

Crossroads Village Carousel Building
Photo Credit: Rick Muirhead

Built in 1989, the octagon-shaped carousel building protects the carousel from the elements and allows for cold weather operation at Halloween and Christmas. The building is glass on six sides, allowing natural light into the space and viewing of the carousel from outside.

Carousel Building Weathervane

Carousel building weathervane
Photo Credit: Gary Nance

The weathervane on the top of the carousel building was custom made for the Friends of Crossroads Village Carousel by SkyArt & Gallery in Connecticut. It is hand-formed copper and modeled after Chief on our carousel. The weathervane was commissioned in 2004 after a generous donation from Ray Jones in memory of his wife Jeanette Jones. The weathervane is a beautiful finish to the carousel building!

Penny Press

Penny press
Photo Credit: Gary Nance

Take home a pressed penny souvenir of your visit to Crossroads Village!

Pick one of four engraved designs (Carousel, Parker Superior Wheel, Huckleberry Railroad, or Genesee Belle), insert 51¢, and crank the handle to press your penny. Special seasonal designs are available at Halloween and Christmas. Collect them all!

See all of our pressed penny designs at

Collectors Tip: For best results, use a pre-1982 penny containing 95% copper. Newer pennies are 99% zinc with a thin copper coating; when pressed, the silver zinc may show through the engraved design.

Proceeds from pressed penny sales help support the preservation of our antique rides.

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